Adventure pier / panoramic walkway

435 meters – this is the length of the unique pier…
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Adventure pier / panoramic walkway

Adventure pier

Welcome to our panoramic walkway across the Baltic Sea! 435 meters – this is the length of the unique pier in Heiligenhafen, known far and wide. It holds the name of “Erlebnis-Seebrücke” (adventure pier) not in vain: three floors to stroll around, to play on, and to sunbathe on. Small soon-to-be pirates conquer game stations, a running wheel and a climbing tube.


Adult water lovers can breathe in the sea breeze and allow themselves to be enchanted by the breadth of the horizon. Thanks to the indirect lighting of the railings, the warm evening colors create romance.

And those who need a break on their way to happiness may rest in the glassy sea lounge with its sundeck, at 9 meters above the blue waves of the Baltic Sea. The panorama is unique. And always in view – the sea!

Building of the Adventure pier in time-lapse photography